Intervention & Referral Services
Cooperative efforts between teachers, parents, and additional professional personnel are often needed to provide the most effective help to students in need of assistance.  The Elmer Elementary School’s Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS) provides additional support for children who struggle either academically, behaviorally, or with a health concern.  Through the efforts of this team of professional educators, a plan can be developed to provide this assistance to your child.

I&RS TEAM                                                               
  • Mr. Daniel Bruce – Principal                            
  • Mr. Josh Nestor – BSI                                        
  • Mrs. Tracie Ewing – Nurse                                       
  • Mrs. Terri Probasco – Guidance 
  • Ms. Keyanah – Speech Consultant 
  • Mr. Peter Spezzano – Special Education 

I&RS Case Managers
  • Mr. Daniel Bruce
  • Mr. Josh Nestor