A Message From Your Principal
A Message From Your Principal
Posted on 04/01/2019

March 29, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome spring!  In the up-coming weeks the weather will be getting warmer and we will be out on the playground everyday as the weather permits.  National Playground Safety Week will be the week of April 22nd  through the 26th.  As always, safe play is our primary goal on our playground.  "Safety First" is "Safety Always."  ~Charles M. Hayes 

Dates to Keep in Mind:

Kindergarten Round Up – new registrations - take place on April 10th . . . please contact our office for information.

Spring Break:  April 19th through April 22ndSchool Reopens on Tuesday, April 23rd.  Enjoy your Holiday!  April 18th will be an Early Dismissal for students.

We will celebrate School Spirit Day on Friday, April 5th; show your Elmer Pride by wearing your blue and white.

Reading pep rally will take place on April 5th.  Fly Readers Fly!

We will have a Baseball Spirit Day on Thursday, April 12th.  Children may come to school wearing baseball caps and other school/team athletic gear. Support your favorite team!

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for our planet's natural environment.  Show your appreciation for our Earth by wearing green for the day.  Wear green for Earth Day on April 23rd.    

Someone Special Celebration: Elmer and Olivet Schools will hold their Annual Someone Special Celebration on April 17th.  This event will take place at Olivet School and is open to all Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Students.  Come out and enjoy an evening with your someone special!  See you there!

Arbor Day will be celebrated on April 26th this year.  Arbor Day is a nationally celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care. Founded by J. Sterling Morton in 1872, it's celebrated on the last Friday in April.

Spring is a great time to enjoy a picnic at the park with the family – take a moment and enjoy!


Daniel F. Bruce