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Vision Statement

Pittsgrove Township Elementary Schools, Norma School, Elmer School and Olivet School, are committed to creating an environment where all students reach their highest level of academic, emotional and social achievement.  All members of the school community will strive to create a safe environment where students demonstrate P.R.I.D.E., and will be able to develop into productive global citizens. 

Welcome Summer!

         Summer Sizzle
Here are some helpful educational tips to keep learning fun during the summer months!

1) Keep writing skills fresh, have your child take a notebook and decorate the cover.  During family outings or trips, have them write down three things that happened each day.  They can draw a picture with each entry. They can then share their work with you.
2) To keep math skills up, when you're making a purchase, they can estimate the cost.  They can also count change after you have made the purchase. 
3) Set aside 20 minutes of reading time each day.  Put a beach blanket on the floor and make the area where the read extra special.
4) If you're taking a family vacation, grab a map and plot the trip as a family.  Plan where you'll make stops, estimate times.  Research the history of the place you will be visiting.

Remember: Fun is in the eye of the beholder . . . Enjoy your summer!


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